7. Food Safety Congress
Abstract Submission
Submissions to the 7th International Food Safety Congress will only be accepted via the e-mail address abstract@foodsafetycongress.org. Upon successful submission of your abstract, an automatic e-mail will be sent notifying you that your abstract submission has been received by the secretariat. If this e-mail did not reach the owner, the reason can be that the abstract may not have been sent successfully or not reached us. In this case, it is necessary to confirm whether the abstract submission process has been completed by calling +90 216 550 02 73.

The deadline for submission of abstracts is September 2, 2022, and abstracts sent after this date will not be evaluated. Abstract submissions will be made in two ways, either orally or as a poster. While the Scientific Advisory Board considers these preferences, it also has the right to change the form of the abstract submissions. The presentation time for oral abstracts is 20 minutes, and it is important to follow the rules stated in the abstract applications.

Evaluation and Publishing the Abstracts

The abstracts will be evaluated by at least 2 (two) members from the Scientific Committee in a way that the applicant’s identity will not be visible, the results of the evaluation, acceptance or rejection letters and the form of presentation (oral/ poster) will be given to the applicants at least by September 23, 2022. If deemed necessary, the abstract will be sent to the third referee for consideration.

In order to complete the registration process, the registration form in the website must be filled in sent and finally the registration fee must be deposited to the indicated bank account. For detailed information on registration please browse our site’s “Registration and Accommodation” section. Participants whose submissions were accepted and who wants to benefit from early registration discount must complete their registrations until September 15, 2022, the last date for early registration.

A digital version of all abstracts will be given to each participant and also will be electronically published on the Congress’ web site. Following the presentations at the congress, the full text of the authors will be published in the congress e-leaflet in electronic media and the full texts must be submitted by 20 December 2022. Full texts coming after this date will not be taken into consideration.

Principles of Preparing an Abstract Submission

Abstracts submissions must be directly related to congress’ topics and submission will be made over an electronic system in Turkish and English languages. The content and typos and grammar are under the responsibility of the author/s. The Scientific Committee will not make any corrections on the abstracts. 
Abstracts must be minimum 480 words, maximum 600 words in total (excluding the titles and address ) and they must contain following sections. ; Previews will be performed by the secretariat and the abstracts that do not follow the respective word counts will be returned to the author to be corrected by them. 

Research Based Abstracts

  • Title
  • Research hypothesis (40-50 words. This section should include the reasoning of the research subject and the scientific background of it clearly.)
  • Method (150-200 words maximum. This section must be clear enough for the scientific setup to be understandable and it must include statistical analysis methods with analytic techniques. Avoid giving details on standard methods. If there are any modifications on any methods they must be emphasized.)
  • Results (250-300 words maximum. This section should have objective data about the problem that is the subject of the research. The concrete contributions of the conclusions to the concept of food safety need to be briefly discussed in this section.)
  • Discussion (40-50 words maximum. The concrete contribution of the research problem to the concept of food safety must be briefly discussed in this section.)

Compilation Abstracts

  • Title 
  • Main Text (A brief discussion? on how these compilation subject will contribute to the concept of food safety is expected in this section.) 
  • Open areas on compilation which are related to food safety and not subject to research yet
  • Details of at least 3 research articles of the responsible author of the abstract submissions concerning the compilation subject.

Example source citing: George, S., Martin, H. and Koch, J. 2017. Food Safety, J Dairy Sci, 44 (2): 1-12.

Poster Preparation and Presentation Rules

  • The size of the Poster has to be 70cm (horizontal) x 100cm (vertical) in one piece. 
  • Poster has to include summary, introduction, method, findings, conclusions and discussion parts; references have to be indicated.
  • There is no limitation for the use of colors for posters. To increase the visuality; colored forms and photos can be freely used.
  • Posters have to be printed by participants themselves. 
  • Poster will be hang on the numbered boards designated by the Organization Committee. 
  • Organizers will help owners of the posters while hanging the posters.
  • Owners of the posters must be present at the poster area reserved for them during the determined time at the program to inform the participants about their work.
  • Posters should be removed as soon as the poster presentation time is over. 

Poster Contest 

The poster contest will also be held in the 7th International Food Safety Congress. Participants whose submissions has been accepted to be presented as a poster and who want to compete in the contest must submit their posters, as they will be presented, to the following email abstract@foodsafetycongress.org  until 30 September 2022 Posters received after the mentioned date, will not be accepted to the contest 

Abstracts that are not presented during the congress and despite being in the program or that are not submitted in time will not be published.